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About the Art and Architecture Web Site


The Art and Architecture project team and curators and librarians at the Courtauld Institute of Art have done their utmost to ensure that we have not infringed anyone’s copyright by publishing images on this web site. We fully support the understanding enshrined in copyright law that the creators of imaginative works have a right to be identified as such and to benefit from all commercial exploitation of their works; and we further understand that those rights are extended for a period to their families and estates.

However, with 40,000 images on display we cannot absolutely guarantee that we have not unwittingly and despite our best endeavours infringed someone’s copyright. In the event that such an infringement is brought to our notice, we will:

  • Remove the image or images from the Art and Architecture web site within 3 days of notification
  • Meet with the claimant to discuss the origin and extent of any infringement and ensure that it will not recur
  • Provide a clear and verifiable account of any revenue derived from the images since the launch of the web site
  • Restore the images to the site only after receiving written permission to do so from anyone with a valid claim to be the copyright owner

We further welcome any information that might help us make proper attributions, identify copyright owners, or correct copyright acknowledgements, especially in our photographic collections whose origins are often obscure.

A short description of the copyright issues surrounding the two major collections that have contributed to the Art and Architecture web site is given below.

The Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery Collections

The Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery has three major collections, Paintings, Drawings and Applied Arts. All works from the Paintings and Drawings Collections are displayed on this web site. The right to reproduce these works is controlled by the Samuel Courtauld Trust, except in the case of artists who have died within the last seventy years, whose copyright is in most cases still owned by their families or estates. We have written to all of these, and are grateful for the generosity that the vast majority have shown in allowing us to display the works of these artists free of all charge. We are therefore pleased to say that only a very small number of works from these two collections are not available to view on this web site.

Enquiries about the right to reproduce works from Courtauld Institute of Art Gallery collections should be addressed to the Rights and Reproductions Department.

The Conway Library

The Conway Library is a collection of around a million photographic prints, negatives and manuscripts, dating from the very earliest days of photography. It has grown cumulatively over many years. Photographers have deposited their collections in the Conway for safekeeping and to ensure their availability for years to come; owners of smaller collections have donated them, and others have been purchased for their special relevance to the work of the Courtauld Institute. Conway Librarians, always skilled photographers in their own right, have contributed their own work; and so have Courtauld graduates.

It is easy to see that the copyright situation might be different for each and every photograph, but fortunately the Courtauld Institute owns copyright in well over half the collection, and selection of photographs for inclusion on the Art and Architecture web site has largely been restricted to these. However, we are delighted to have been able to include the works of the distinguished architectural photographers James Austin and Tim Benton, and extend grateful thanks to them for permission to do so. We have, of course, credited the photographer wherever he or she is known.

Conway staff have also written to many hundreds of artists, their families and estates to request permission to include photographs of sculpture in private settings such as studios and galleries. Again, we are delighted to report an overwhelmeingly generous response to these requests. Our sincere thanks to all those who have supported the project in this way.

Enquiries about the right to reproduce works from the Conway Library should be addressed to the Conway Library.

Copyright Statement

This statement is issued on behalf of all copyright owners whose works are displayed on the Art and Architecture web site:

Artists and creators whose work is displayed on this site hereby assert their right to be identified as such in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988).

No image published on the Art and Architecture web site may be reproduced in any form or by any means, whether print or digital, without the prior written consent of the copyright owners. Images acquired via the Art and Architecture web site are for non-commercial private or educational use only. Republication or redistribution of images, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited. Any infringment risks prosecution to the full extent of the law.

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