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About the Art and Architecture Web Site

The Home Page

You can reach the Home Page at any time by clicking on the A&A logo at top left or the Home link at bottom right.

The Home Page is divided into six boxes. These boxes contain links to all the different kinds of content you will find on the site. They are:

  • Picture of the Week: one of the forty thousand pictures on the site
  • Highlights: a selection of recently published material
  • Courtauld Insights: written by staff and students of the Courtauld Institute of Art, Courtauld Insights give a flavour of the study of the history of art as an academic discipline
  • Stories: a collection of features inspired by pictures on the Art and Architecture site
  • Quizzes: a monthly quiz designed to test your knowledge of art
  • Polls: a chance to express an opinion on an arts-related issue of the day (all users can see the results of the polls, but only registered users can vote)
  • Image Sets: collections of images chosen by other users

In each box you will find links to featured content, and also a More... link which gives access to a full list if all content items of that type published on the site.

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