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About the Art and Architecture Web Site

The New Opportunities Fund

The Art and Architecture web site has been funded by a grant from the New Opportunities Fund.

The New Opportunities Fund (NOF) is a Lottery Distributor created in 1998 to award grants to education, health and environment projects throughout the UK. Many NOF grant programmes focus particularly on those in society who are most disadvantaged.

The New Opportunities Fund Digitise programme is creating innovative on-line learning resources for the potential benefit of every citizen in the UK. It brings together a wide range of partnerships and organisations and is designed to support lifelong learning under one of three broad themes: cultural enrichment, citizenship, and re-skilling.

The material is targeted particularly to users of public libraries through the Peoples Network and to schools through the National Grid for Learning. The adoption of rigorous technical standards will help to ensure the accessibility and sustainability of the materials for future use.

The new Opportunities Fund web site is at www.nof.org.uk

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