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About the Art and Architecture Web Site


Every page on the Art and Architecture web site contains three toolbars, two at the top and one at the bottom.

The top toolbar is for registered users, but if you click on any of the links without registering (or logging in if you have already registered), you can read an explanation of each feature. The Sets and Forums links also offer you the chance to see Sets created by other people or read the Forums without logging in.

The lower top toolbar offers a Quicksearch box (just type in a word and go!), and links to the Advanced Search Page, Browse pages and Folder. The bottom toolbar contains links to self-contained areas of the site (Feedback, Print Editions, Downloads) and information pages (About).

A third toolbar, the Features toolbar, appears on the Image page, the Results page, the Sets page, the Story page and the Folder page. The Features toolbar gives access to the following additional features (but note that users who have not registered and logged in can use the Folder and view forum comments, but cannot use the other features):

  • Add/view comments: a link to the Forums area of the site, where you can read other users’ comments and discussions about images, Stories, Insights and Sets, and contribute your own if you are a registered user
  • Email a link: enables registered users to email links to images, Stories, Insights and Sets to other Internet users
  • Add to Folder: click this button to add images to the Folder for temporary storage
  • Save to a set: enables registered users to make collections of images which they can retrieve whenever they log in the the site
  • Buy as print: directs registered users to www.courtauldimages.com and www.courtauldprints.com to license images for publishing or purchase photographic prints of the majority of images on the web site

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