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Young Curators: Saints and Sinners

Cain slaying Abel - Ian Wright

In the picture of "Cain slaying Abel" Abel has a fearful face and Cain looks quite mad at him for something I can not work out from this painting. Along the theme of "Saints and Sinners" personally I would classify Abel as a saint and Cain as a sinner because of the simple fact that Cain is the one in my eyes that is attacking Abel to take his life away. Abel looks innocent and is stretching out his arm; this indicates to me that Abel is pleading for mercy!

I don't know the story of Cain and Abel and I can't make out what the fire was for, but I think that Cain could have lured Abel out to the wilderness for hunting or something like that and of course Abel agreed, they most probably made a fire for either for warmth or to cook the animals they'll catch, then Abel would of turned around to pick up more sticks and Cain would of clubbed him around his head. This leaves Abel in that position he is in, in the painting. I also compared this painting to a sculpture that I found on this website and the first thing I noticed was that the sculpture was at a later stage of the fight, in the painting you can see the Abel is still on the ground but he is still alive but on the other hand in the sculpture is lying on the ground lifeless! In the background of the sculpture you can't really see the background, all you can see is a few rocks, but in contrast the painting shows all of the background.

I think that the painting is more modern as the style is smooth and it looks like silk. I like this style and I can see the painter has used modern day paints and ideas. If I had to chose between both of the pieces of art I would chose the modern day painting, because it has colour, ( if it does not have colour personally it is harder to see the true beauty of the picture) it is in the middle of the fight and that suits me because I like action.

The reason why I like this picture so much is because it looks very powerful. It almost looks like a piece from a movie and if that was what the painter was trying to achieve then I think he is one of the best painters in the world. Another reason why I like this painting is because I can relate to what is happening in this painting, but if you think about it anyone can relate to this picture, this can go both ways because it could be between me and my family in general or just my brothers but I also like this picture because it teaches us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and not just go straight away or just rush in because something bad could happen!

In both pictures Abel is a saint and Cain is a sinner. The reason why I think Abel is a saint is because he is innocent; he has not done anything wrong he looks like he has been unfairly attacked from behind for something he has not done or is pleading for mercy and forgiveness. Cain is a sinner because he is the one who is trying to take away his life for something really stupid and really foolish, all he had to do was take a single step back and look at the bigger picture then he will see that he is wrong and that he should not of killed his brother in jealousy - this was so wrong because he should of asked god for wisdom and guidance because if he did then none of this would of happened.

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