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Young Curators: Saints and Sinners

Woman taken in adultery - Taiwo Akindojuromi

I think this picture is colourful, interesting and religious and talks about history. I think that the artist has made some of the sinners a different colour to the other people. When I saw the painting it stands out because the colours don't blend in to each other to make a mess because they are separate.

If you look at the bottom right of the picture you can see a man taking a book/bible in a suspicious way, because he is a sinner they made the nose different and the expression on his face that is different from everybody else in the picture. So the people in the picture would know that he is a sinner and the thing I like about it was the expressions on their faces in the picture and the colour is bright and has a lot of detail in the picture and the way they dress is like modern clothing. The other sinner was the Roman guy he is suspicious because it looks like he is hiding a sword to stab the person that he is looking at. The second roman also looks suspicious because he looks like he is going to stab the person.

The people look sad, they look bored, although the sky was sunny. Jesus looked down at words that are important to religious people like Christians. The man wearing glasses looks suspicious because it looks like he is hiding something away from Jesus he is putting on his glasses so he can stab Jesus so they can throw stones at the lady to death. Also the man with orange dress and blue scarf is hiding a sword so he can stab the lady because he is jealous of the lady.

It was painted with oil paint it was made in the 16th century. The time of it was 6.00am because it is going to be a sunrise because the sun is behind the trees and it is windy because you can see that the trees and the plants are moving to the left.

The main thing I thought this picture looked like is: Colourful, Moody, Sad, Angry, Strange, Different, Good, Shapes, Beautiful

I would hang out with all of the people because they are just normal like me.

Jesus, the one who is pointing down, is a saint because he is protecting the lady from getting stoned to death. Jesus has written something on the floor so he can bless the place or a spell if they throw the stone at the lady.

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