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Young Curators: Saints and Sinners

Nevermore: the Beauty of Life - Julian Johnson

The painting I chose was Nevermore. I chose this because I have never seen a black woman in a painting before, it was strange to see it. The painter painted it in Tahiti because it was his paradise but, he wouldn’t return to Tahiti because when he went there he realised it was not a paradise anymore.

Another reason I chose this painting was because the painting includes other people in it which we don’t notice at first sight. The painting style of the picture is a French style used by Paul Gauguin, he added water to the paint to lighten the shade and the tone. I can tell it is somewhere hot because the sky is blue. The bed head looks a bit funny because it is facing the wrong way. You can tell the painting was painted on canvas.

I think that the woman on the bed is a sinner trying to confess her sins to God in her own way, she might be praying in her own way. The way she is lying down and her eyes are trying to look at the back of her head. She is depressed because her husband leaving her and going back to France.

The crow in the painting might not be a sinner because it might be resting from a long flight from France to Tahiti, or it might be a shape shifter as a spy on a secret mission to find the antidote to cure the lady on the bed from her deep depression.

He has to do the mission by using his special powers of shape shift, transform and super hearing. He has to talk to the two ladies in the background to found out what happen to her and why. He has to listen to the ladies at first before he talks to the ladies so he doesn’t make it obvious that he can shape shift. That is why he is sitting on the wind sill away from the ladies....

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