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Young Curators: Saints and Sinners

Prometheus - Kehinde Akindojuromi

The Picture ‘Prometheus’ is different from most of Oskar Kokoschka’s other pictures on this website. Unlike his picture of The Dreaming Youths series, he has used bold flat colours and painted with ink, whilst the picture ‘Prometheus’ is used with oil pastels making the colours blend together giving a messy layout.

‘Binding of Prometheus’ drawn by John Flaxman is different as it is sketched with pencil and is clearly drawn on brown paper. Prometheus in the sketch by John Flaxman was held by some people, they are sinners as they were controlling him without will, as you could see he was raging and struggling to escape but from the picture you don’t know what the punishment in that picture is.

Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse also created a sculptor called ‘Prometheus’ with good details and made using Parian (porcelain).

Prometheus was both a Saint and a Sinner. As he helped the people of the earth giving them divine wisdom making him a Saint in their eyes, but the gods considered him a Sinner as he betrayed them and stole the fire from them, as a sinner he was punished.

I like the 1st Prometheus picture as it is colourful & and drawn in a unique style as the colours are messy and blend together, also it has more to think and look at because there is more happening. Words with links to the picture are colour, eagle, chains, punishment, fire, nude & birds.

The 2nd picture is drawn with pencil and not very colourful. Words with links to the drawing are dull, pencil, grief, struggle, old & shadow.

To end the 3rd picture is good as it is carefully carved and shaped and is very nice. Words to do with the pictures are careful, time, shiny, good & nude.

I would hang it in my room as it gives a moral, sometimes the good thing in other eyes is the bad thing. And I would keep it my room so the little children do not see it get scared and try to damage it.

The fire that Prometheus stole was still alight as he was punished straight after showing it to man.

I think the god, which demanded the eagle to peck its liver is a sinner, because he knows that the liver will grow back so, he would face the punishment forever.

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