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Young Curators: Saints and Sinners

Adam and Eve: The First Sinners - Alexander Decker

In the beginning god created the earth and the animals. He wanted something to inhabit the earth, so he created Adam out the dust. God soon decided that Adam needed a partner so he sent Adam into a deep sleep then took out one of his ribs using it he made Eve. Then god said that you may eat from any tree accept one then Eve was deceived by the devil in the form of a serpent thinking that she would become like god if she ate from that tree so she ate and she told Adam to eat too thus causing them to grow old get sick and die.

If you did not know the story of Adam and Eve you would think it is just a woman giving a man an apple and he's wondering if it is sweet or not and she's wondering if he will like it or not. They are wearing no clothes because it is a hot evening because you can see the sun going down. But in the period that this was painted everybody new the story of Adam and Eve. You can tell which way the sun is shining bye looking at the apples and you can see the sun light on them. Look at the lion and see that it looks like a cat, he may of based the way the lion looked on a cat an added a mane. The Cranach families trade mark is a small serpent with wings if you look closely at the tree you can see it in yellow.

Also the vine is rapping round the tree like the snake. The material that this picture is painted on is wood you can tell if you look at it in the museum because it has been warped by the sun making it curved.

You may notice that the lion is smaller than the deer this is because the artist (CRANACH) drew this picture in Europe and lions are in Africa and he had never seen one in real life before. Another artist (BRUEGHEL) drew an Adam and Eve picture and they were at the back of the picture so what I think is that the animals are more important than the humans were as in this one the humans are close up meaning that they are the most important in the picture. This is not my favourite Adam and Eve picture because it is too crowded. Look at the bird in zoom and see the amazing detail of it.

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