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Young Curators: Saints and Sinners

A Bar at the Folies-Bergère - Ian Wahinya and Aaron Hazel

I feel this picture A Bar at the Folies-Bergère is very inviting to look at and has very powerful colour. The artist designed the lady’s dress to look like a bottle to give more life into the picture.

It also try’s to confuse people by drawing the reflections differently, what I mean about bringing life into the picture is that at the back you can see people looking at the ceiling, some even day dreaming and some are talking to each.

As I said that the lady’s dress is shaped like a bottle and the alcohol is in the bottle and it is getting sold so what does that mean? Try and figure it out?

Here is a clue auction what does that mean? A) She might be getting sold B) She might be working C) She mighrt be dreaming

This gentleman looks like his buying a whisky but his really looking carefully. What do you think?

That lady and the beer bottles all have a red logo, and together they all make triangle similar to the logo.

It is also known that this particular bar/theatre was the first to have electronic lights, and makes the picture very modern for its time.

As you can see the bottle on this side is beside a mirror, because behind it you can see the same bottles.

See how the woman’s body is shaped and then look at the bottles, see the similarity?

As you can see her hands look badly bruised maybe she was involved in an accident involving fire.

The legs give away what is happening in the picture, she might be acting in a circus and she might be doing something so that she can please the customers so that they can buy her or give her money.

She could be a sinner because she might be selling her self to men so that she can make money, she is selling alcohol and she is also wearing revelling clothes that would attract men to her bust. She could be a saint because she might be a servant, she might be working so that she can get money for her and her family, she might of done bad in school so that might be the only job she could get. She looks fed up because the environment and she has to serve lots of drinks. She could be depressed because of her body language. The picture of a mirror shows her reflection and the people in front of her who are watching the theatre.

I really enjoy this picture because the colours are light, blended, oil pasted. Some of the colours are dry, some are smooth and smudged. The artist has good use of his shading techniques from light to dark and also uses good imagination of colours on the face and in the background. I like the idea that was used in a bar and I really liked the reflection of the bottles.

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