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Young Curators of Women in Art

The Readers Painting by Sydjea Brown

The barmaid in this picture doesn’t look very happy, her eyes are teary, her cheeks and lips are set in a way that gives me the impression that she’s not at ease. This painting I think is very narrative for example her reflection in the background shows she is leant forward serving a customer which gives us a different picture, she’s looking directly at us and her hands position is different. This tells me that she has two personalities which includes being a hard working lower class citizen who has to portray to customers a happy life and pleasant smile. The other personality I can see from the way her face is fixed, are loneliness a sense of loss, she looks worn down, her hands are blood red and purple that makes you feel her pain, her eyes are drained in sorrow.

I have noticed a few things that puzzled me, two legs in the ceiling though this might be a show that the audience are watching but I wonder why they would put someone high up to do a show while they are chandeliers where they’ll hurt themselves on.

This painting is a well known painting and is famous world-wide, I find it fascinating and different from all the paintings that I’ve seen before. It’s a painting that a lot of people would find wonderful to read. I have learnt a lot from it.

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