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Young Curators of Women in Art

Crowning Purity by Funmi Laniuh

This is a large element of a complex altarpiece was painted originally for the high altar of the church of San Gaggio (Caius).

The woman in the picture is the Virgin Mary. She is being crowned, as you can see the robe she is wearing is white, this symbolise a sign of purity. On the side of the painting there are angels with wings but coloured wings (green and orange) and also the robes of the angels also symbolise luxury and purity. This painter Lorenzo Monaco uses subtle pinks, yellow and green for the materials of the angels’ draperies. The decorated background with the colour red and the birds at the background represents importance. The precious materials used in the painting, particularly the real gold leaf, add to the importance of the coronation.

I like the painting because of the way it was painted and designed because In the 14th century the paints that we use nowadays were very expensive so the artist had to buy little paint and mix it with egg which made the painting to become very nice and lifelike.

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