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Young Curators of Women in Art

My Vision of Beauty by Ruth Garuba

In this picture I can see a woman who is about to apply powder to her face, I can also see other objects like a table and flowers. The way some of the objects have been portrayed is similar to the woman, you can see that the woman is curved in areas around her breast and her bottom then if you look at the furniture, parts of it is curved like the legs and the edges of the surface.

My view is that Georges Seurat made a picture about beauty. As you can see in the picture there is an opened window and through that window is a beautiful flower and that may represent beauty, there is also a woman who is trying to be as beautiful as all the other objects and colours in the picture. I also think that the woman feels insecure about herself, that’s why she may be putting on the powder to cover up her insecurity. The way she dabs the powder on her face is just like Georges Seurat’s paintings using the technique of dotting or ‘pointillism’.

Georges Seurat was a pointillist; a pointillist is someone who paints with using the method of dots, another technique he used was to take colours that were opposite each other on the colour wheel. Perhaps he thought this technique was a new type of beauty.

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