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A do-it-yourself walk with the Godfather

Part 2: A stunning panorama

The Courtauld collection has no views of London by Monet Turner or Whistler, but it does have one stunning panorama by Canaletto. He is not included in the Tate Britain Exhibition. He should be, because he is godfather to the three artists, being the first to establish London as a worthy subject serious art. Turner admired Canaletto. In one of his views of Venice he included a figure, which he identified as Canaletto, implausibly standing in the open air with an oil painting in a gold frame on an easel painting the Bridge of Sighs. Whistler also admired him. He said: "I place Velasquez on the same plane as Canaletto. The two men run side by side." Note the order. It would be remarkable in most circles to promote Canaletto to the rank of Velasquez. Whistler seems to be promoting Velasquez to the same rank as Canaletto.

So to make up for the deficiencies of London Underground and in anticipation of the the forthcoming Tate Britain Exhibition, I though I would promote a Do-it-Yourself walking tour with Canaletto.

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