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Affordable, Innovative, Thoughtful, Profitable

"We’re not trying to make a big architectural statement.  We’re not trying to show off.  We’re just parents of a big family who came from nothing and just want to design thoughtful and interesting homes for ordinary families."

Wayne Hemingway interviewed by Richard Wilding

In the second of a two-part story, designer and co-founder of Red or Dead Wayne Hemingway describes how a chance comment from Jeremy Clarkson prompted hemingwaydesign to turn their attention to the quality of social housing, and led to the Staiths South Bank project - a groundbreaking 700 property mass market housing project on Tyneside for Wimpey Homes. The story is accompanied by images of social housing developments on A&A from the 1950s to the 1980s.

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Reading list

Wayne Hemingway, Mass Market Classics A Celebration of Everyday Design, pub. Rotovision, 01/08/2003 www.amazon.co.uk

Wayne Hemingway, Kitsch (20th Century Icons Series) , pub. Absolute Press, 01/08/2003 www.amazon.co.uk

Wayne Hemingway, Cocktail Shakers, Lava Lamps and Tupperware, pub. Rockport Publishers Inc, 01/01/2004 www.amazon.co.uk

Wayne Hemingway, "Red or Dead": The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, pub. Thames and Hudson, 02/11/1998 www.amazon.co.uk

Author's Biography

Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway built Red or Dead into a fashion label that received global acclaim, resulting in winning the prestigious British Fashion Council’s Streetstyle Designer of the Year Award for an unprecedented 3 consecutive years in 1996,1997 and 1998. His current projects include a burgeoning design and consultancy business,”hemingwaydesign”, which specialises in affordable and social design. Current projects include Staiths South Bank, 700 property mass market housing project on Tyneside for Wimpey Homes, a redevelopment of part of Shoreham Harbour and a large affordable and social housing scheme in North London. Other recent projects have included the highly acclaimed new club for the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall, and consultancies including carpets for Milliken, and the 4 Walls range of wall coverings for Graham and Brown. He has recently accepted the position as Chairman of Building for Life, an organization that promotes excellence in the quality of design of new housing (www.buildingforlife.org). Richard Wilding is an art director and designer, working with leading practitioners in contemporary art, architecture and photography. After graduating in Fine Art, he worked in computer game design before undertaking digital artwork for the Mind Zone, Millenium Dome and the BAFTA winning War Artists show at the Imperial War Museum. Most recently he has designed the Art & Architecture website for the Courtauld Institute.

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