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Liquid Assets

Rosalind Hopwood, art historian and member of the Fountain Society on Neptune’s watery legacy

Rosalind Hopwood

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Neptune and natural phenomena

Part 3: Neptune the warlord

Part 4: Neptune the peacemaker

Part 5: Neptune and Triton

Part 6: Neptune in Britain


Hippocamps: seahorses usually with webbed feet

Nereid: a minor female sea-divinity who personified the waves

Trident: the three-pronged spear carried by Neptune

Triton: son of Neptune and Amphitrite, or one of Neptune’s attendants, half man and half sea-monster

Satyr: a mythological beast, half man half animal

Quadriga: a four-horsed chariot

Reading list

Virgil, W. F. Jackson Knight (Translator), The Aeneid, pub. Penguin Books, 01/12/1956 www.amazon.co.uk

Ovid, E.J. Kenney (Editor), A.D. Melville (Translator), Metamorphoses, pub. Oxford Paperbacks, 07/05/1998 www.amazon.co.uk

Marilyn Symmes (Editor), Fountains: Splash and Spectacle: Water and Design from the Renaissance to the Present, pub. Rizzoli Publications, 01/06/1998 www.amazon.co.uk

Author's Biography

Rosalind Hopwood is an Art Historian. Her PhD was on The Origins of the Renaissance Figure Fountain. She lectures on Art and Garden History and the History of Fountains. Her book on Fountains and Water Features will be published by Shire in 2004.

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