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The Magical Nightlife of the Demimonde

Part 5: Linger, Longer, Loo

In Linger, Longer, Loo, you sense quite acutely the reluctance of the performer to leave the stage after their act - a faint tugging twinge of reluctance as you know you've left that ‘moment’, and you’re back in the real world again as if nothing has happened. Very strange. I often wonder why I do it? Performance on stage - particularly in cabaret - is such a transient thing. It’s not as if it’s captured on celluloid or digitised forever. It’s a case of blink and you’ve missed it. But that very fact I find so alluring and one of the main reasons why I perform in cabaret as opposed to other forms of entertainment. The fact that the audience has to be sharing that particular moment of magic with you, before it disappears into a dim but sparkled memory.

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